Salon Coaching

What is coaching?

Salon coaching helps identify and develop achievable goals  while working  to create an action plan to bring those goals to life! 



Being the boss and running a salon can be a lonely job. Having a salon coach gives you the extra support you need to move forward with your goals.

How does it work?

We coach salon owners in many cities and we offer virtual coaching. Coaching packages are individually curated based on need. Consultations are required to create coaching  packages. Rates start at $500

Why does it work?

 Our role as a coach is getting you really clear on what your goals are and helping you set time frames and provides direction, resources, ideas, support, and most importantly accountability.

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We connect beauty professionals with salon owners providing freedom, flexibility and the opportunity for growth. We create a sense of community between professional, passionate salon owners and innovative, reliable beauty professionals as they rent and occupy salon space to host events and workshops!


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