booth rental

How do you book a chair?

To book a chair you must register first and then a link will be sent to you, that link will allow you to book a chair.

How do you post a vacant chair?

To post a chair or salon space that is vacant, you must register and send 2-3 photos of your salon. 

Do you have to be licensed?

Yes, in all states you must be a licensed professional, unless you are performing natural hair services that the salon host must approve.

Is Open Chair only for hair stylists?

Open Chair is for hair stylists, barbers, nail techs and any beauty professional that is in search of shared space. Space is dependent on the salons services. 

How do stylists except their clients payments?

All beauty professionals are responsible for their own payments.

How will I know if the chair I booked is approved?

Your chair is approved via email which will include confirmation of your chair booking as well as: day, time, supplies provided, attire and all necessary information.