My Open Chair is the premier salon service connecting beauty professionals with salon owners open opportunities in their salons. It offers both the beauty professional and the salon owner creative freedom, flexibility, and the opportunity for growth.​ My Open Chair mutually provides a source of income for both parties. We’re creating a sense of community between professional, passionate salon owners and innovative, reliable beauty professionals.

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Meet the Founder

Alicia Holliday

Founder Alicia has been in the industry for nearly 15 years. She has worked in multiple areas of the industry: as a stylist, salon manager, freelancer, as well as booth and suite renter. This experience affords her the knowledge of how all sides of the industry work, reduce weaknesses and increase opportunities available. With her experience and knowledge, she created My Open Chair.



Our goal is to make this as simple as possible. We vow to provide professional freelancers and approved salons that reflect our standards. Please trust that we care as much as you if not more!

-Open Chair Team

For Beauty Professionals


  1. You have to register with us. GET STARTED.
  2. You will receive your login information in the email you used in your registration.
  3. Login and search for open chair opportunities. Select the salon of your interest. Request a day and time of your availability.
  4. If salon selects you, you will receive an email with payment information. Freelancers will pay a daily rental fee of $50 & up.
  5. A $10 service fee is charged to all stylists, barbers, nail techs, or MUAs for every chair booked.


All Freelancers are to arrive on time, with own products and supplies, conduct themselves in professional manner, and clean their space when the work day is done.

Freelancers are only to service their own clientele. Servicing other clientele obtained at salon must be agreed to by Salon Owner.

**Receiving payments from salon clients are the responsibility of the freelancer not the salon owner.

For Salon Owners


  1. You have to register your salon. REGISTER YOUR SALON
  2. Please complete all fields on the registration form.
  3. When a freelancer selects and opportunity in your salon, you will need to accept or decline the offer.
  4. Once you accept an offer, the freelancer will pay your daily rental fee ($50 and up) based on the number of days agreed upon.
  5. You will be charged $10 service fee for every accepted booking.


All Salon owners will provide a clean, professional environment. You may include any other amenities of your choice.

As a Salon Owner, you are responsible for negotiating a price to sell your salon products or supplies to freelancers at an agreed price.

** Freelancers are only to service their own clientele. Servicing other clientele obtained at salon must be agreed to by Salon Owner.

**Open Chair is not a marketing company, we do not market for individual salons or stylists.


*Please note all stylists must meet all required qualifications and sign an agreement prior to chair booking. Stylists must fully understand salon policies regarding, salon conduct, appearance, and professionalism.

  1. How many days ahead do I have to book a chair?
    Minimum 48 hours (we recommend 72 hours or more to prepare your clients and promote yourself)
  2. Can I book different salons in the same week?
  3. Do I have to be a licensed professional?
    Yes. (No exceptions)
  4. Do I need insurance?
    Yes, all stylists must provide proof of insurance. If you don’t we will recommend a company for you. Salon owners should have insurance as well.
  5. Do I bring all of my own products and supplies?
    Yes. If a Salon Owner chooses to provide certain supplies, he/she will explain that before arriving. All chemicals must be provided by the freelancer.
  1. Do I have to book for the entire day or can I do half day?
    This is something that we are flexible with based on the salon owners preference.
  2. If a freelancer goes over their time booked what is the procedure?
    There will be a $15 inconvenience fee charged to the freelancer.
  3. Do I the Salon owner provide products and supplies?
    It is up to you what perks you would like to provide to gain a My Open Chair following. But no owners are required to provide any products or supplies besides towels and the station.
  4. Is My Open Chair for only Hairstylists?
    Currently, we are only focused on hairstylists. In the near future, My Open Chair will eventually be a platform for Barbers, Nail Techs, MUAs and Spa Service Providers.